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I want to begin by sending off a huge shout out to e31.‘s editor and my friend, Rachel Antony, for managing everything while I am in China. The wifi at our Shanghai hotel is shotty at best and my timing could not be more off.

I am currently on a field study for one of my courses, “Doing Business in China”, and I am writing this post sitting in a van stuffed with 11 classmates who quickly are becoming close friends/sisters and a professor who is practically our mother hen out here in China. (Shout out to Professor Yan Shan- she really is the best!). We are on our way to our next company visit in Shanghai, Valeo: a French automotive who is the number one supplier in China. So far it’s been an incredible trip. AMAZING FOOD, incredible presentations and company tours, AMAZING FOOD, bonding time with the group and Yan, AMAZING FOOD, shopping, and did I mention, AMAZING FOOD??

This trip has been going by way too fast and thinking about the final day is super sad. It’s been one of those rare moments in life where I’ve been constantly telling myself to absorb everything in- this is a once in a life time experience. Even though this is my third time coming back to China, this trip has given me a whole new perspective and I am seeing China through different eyes: business eyes.


Today marks the very last post for 2014, but not to worry because we will be back with a full schedule of incredible posts from new guest bloggers that we are super excited to feature. Instead of an outfit feature today, I wanted to end this year with a reminder-something that I want to continually instil in the readers of e31. and my self!

e31. started back in August with my very first post conveying why I wanted to start something like this and the true meaning behind it. Now that it’s been over 5 months (hard to believe) and countless number of posts later, I truly hope that the vision and hope for e31. is becoming apparent. I know it is still in its early stages with a lot of improvement yet to come, but regardless, I hope you truly can see that e31. is more than your typical fashion blog.

With blogs these days-especially fashion ones- it’s very easy to get into a materialistic type of mindset. It’s as if the reader follows a blog/blogger to find out what she or he needs to buy in order to look or feel a certain way. Indeed, e31. is a fashion blog that specializes in clothing for a professional setting, however, the featured outfits are not there to envy what someone else has. Rather, they are displayed to educate and inspire about how you should be excited to put together a work outfit verses being intimidated or feel as if it is a chore. Simply put: e31. exists to inspire, empower and relate, not compare. I fully believe that “Comparison is the thief of joy.”


As my first post was titled “Not So Much About the Clothes”, ethreeone. is not about clothing yourselves in brands, but rather with confidence, and that confidence needs to be rooted in personal acceptance and contentment. I’ll preach it until the day I die: you can have the most expensive outfit on in the world, but until you are happy and content with who you are inside, there is nothing that a great outfit can do for you. Once you have that inner confidence and genuine contentment with your authentic self, a killer outfit can simply elevate your confidence, not create it.

This ad by Dove is another one of my favourites and the perfect way to conclude the last e31. post of 2014. Watch it and believe it. (:

One of my favourite quotes and something that I want every e31. reader to believe is:

“You are imperfect permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful.”

I hope everyone has an incredible Christmas and New Year’s with their loved ones. Until next time, work hard and be nice to people and don’t forget to come back at the beginning of January!

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