Ashley Kilback.

I’m Ashley Kilback, a born and raised Saskatchewan girl with big city style. Fashion is something that has always spoken to me. From a young age, dressing up was something I loved to do – whether it was throwing on a pair of heels or raiding my mother’s closet, I was always experimenting with style. I wanted to find a way to share my love for fashion with other people and that’s how I began writing. Fast forward to the present and I am currently a freelance writer for multiple projects including my own personal blog: Closet Space.

Making a Statement

[ FITDEETS | Blazer- Zara. | Top- Topshop. | Pants- ASOS.]


As for the business side of things, I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Marketing. I’m currently working at a small consulting firm called B-creative that manages non-profit organizations. I love to get my hands on anything creative.

When it comes to fashion, I believe that clothes are an external representation of your personality. My personality is vibrant – I’m an energetic person that is constantly on the go, so I tend to lean towards outfits that make a statement. As I begin my journey into the workforce, creating a lasting impact is something that I strive for and I believe that we, as young career-driven women, can achieve that in multiple ways.


I chose the outfit I’m wearing because it makes a statement, especially my “big girl pants” as I like to call them. The thing about “big girl pants” is that they very much represent where we are in our lives; transitioning from sleepless nights of studying to the Monday to Friday work grind. We now have some big pants to fill and we have to figure out how to get comfortable in them. It’s a matter of tailoring them to our preference whether that is a shiny belt or a pair of killer heels – we need to find what it is that makes us stand out. Don’t be afraid to be bold, now is your time to shine.


Much Love,

Twitter: @ashkilback.
Instagram: @closet__space.
Blog: Closet Space.

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