Babaton’s Cohen Pants + #AskHerMore @ the Oscars.


Now that I have your attention, what if I told you that there was a perfectly acceptable professional pair of pants that are just as comfortable as a good ol’ pair of sweatpants. A couple of weeks ago, I wore these pants in my Valentine’s day post and said that I would dedicate an entire post towards them just because they are that great. Well today is that day and I am stoked!

Photos by Allison.

[ FITDEETS | Jacket & Blouse: Wilfred by Aritzia. | Pants: Babaton by Aritzia. | Bag: Michael Kors. ]



If you’re like me, the first thing I usually do once I get home from work is change right into my favourite pair of sweatpants from high school basketball (that have a big number 14 on them because I had to be the same number as Troy Bolton, obviously) and lounge comfortably for the rest of the evening. However, ever since I discovered these Cohen pants last summer, the urge of wanting to change into something more comfortable is no longer there. I could literally (and probably will at some point) sleep in these pants. Whoever said professional work pants can’t be comfortable obviously has never gotten their hands on the Cohen pants!

Now a little bit of a disclaimer, and this is not to make my vertically challenged friends feel bad, but having worked at Aritzia (where the pants are from), I found that the Cohen pants were made for taller girls in mind. The pants were designed to be cropped and unfortunately, if you don’t have longer legs, there is the risk of them appearing as an awkward fitting full length pant. I find that if you’re ankles are not showing, these pants can do more a disservice towards your figure.

Personally, I am 5’8’’ and because of that, I can get away with wearing these pants with loafers or a flat shoe. However, as you can see in the photos, even I prefer to wear a bit of a heel with them as it creates a larger lift from the ground.


As I mentioned with the Wilfred Chevalier jacket from my Blazer series , these pants are made from the same Japanese silk which gives them that great texture. My favourite attribute of these pants are the front pleats which creates more of a “baggier” but still sophisticated aesthetic.

Lets move on (:

The Oscars took place this past Sunday and as always, there were moments that got social media buzzing such as: Lada Gaga’s surprisingly normal and beautiful tribute to the Sound of Music, John Travolta’s creepish caress of Idina Menzel’s face, and seeing way too much of NPH. One of the more surprising parts of the Oscars was Patricia Arquette’s acceptance speech for winning best supporting actress for her role in ‘Boyhood’. Her speech started off just like anyone else’s- saying her hundreds of “thank-you’s”. But in the remaining seconds, almost out of nowhere, Patrica said “It’s our time to have wage equality once and for all and equal rights for women.” Now most people may listen to that and think “Hollywood actors/actresses get paid way too much anyhow” and make that the focal point. The fact is, women across all industries all around the world get paid less for their positions merely due to their gender. It was reported by the Census Bureau statistics that in the US, women overall still make only 78% of what non-Hispanic white men do only to further that this percentage decreases by roughly another 10 and 20 percent for non-Hispanic black women and Hispanic women respectively. While there has been substantial progress for women’s presence in the workforce, it is still far from equal. Patricia chose to use her platform to bring to light that even in Hollywood, there is a gender wage gap. Now I may live under a rock since I personally did not know much about Patricia and her previous roles prior to Sunday night, nor have I seen Boyhood. Regardless, after watching her acceptance speech, my respect for her skyrocketed. In case you missed it, watch it below (fast forward to 0:57).

Now, there is always going to be controversy surrounding the gender wage gap topic. In particular to Patricia’s decision to speak out about it on Sunday, many have questioned if it was the right time and place. I personally believe that it is always the right time and place to talk about a topic such as this, it’s obviously how you talk about it and if you are actually willing to have a two way conversation. Patricia revealed that relative to her co-stars, she really did not get paid that much for her role and that she paid more for a babysitter and dog walker than she made from ‘Boyhood’. (Must’ve been one heck of a babysitter and dog walker!). Even if the Hollywood wages continue to differ between men and women after Patricia’s speech, she at least got the world talking about it which is essential towards any type of change.

Another cool event that took place during the Oscars was the trending of the hashtag #AskHerMore. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that a highlight of watching any awards show is to see the outfits and specifically who nailed it and who evidently got dressed in the dark. The #AskHerMore movement was created to encourage red carpet reporters to ask actresses less about their fashion choices and give these women an opportunity to answer thoughtful, creative and meaningful questions besides which designer they chose for the night, which I thought was brilliant. Kind of like e31., as fashion is a huge part of this blog, it definitely is not everything.

Thanks for reading yet another e31. post! Until next time, work hard and be nice to people,

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