Blazer Series: Talula’s Exeter Blazer.

Today, I am continuing my Blazer Series with my second featured blazer feature, the Talula Exeter Blazer, as seen here in one of my favorite business casual outfits. As Rachel Nader mentioned in her post a few weeks back, “When you find “your store”- the store that you know fits, is good quality and looks amazing- you stick with it.” Now that’s not to say you should not try something new, however, when you have less time to shop around, it is nice to know what “your store” is. As you will probably see from this series, Aritzia is definitely that store for me when it comes to blazers.

Photos by Billiam.

[ FITDEETS | Blazer: Talula by Aritzia. | Dress Shirt: JCrew. | Pants: H & M. ]


You’ve probably seen this blazer before if you don’t own one yourself and if you are a business student, you probably have noticed that 50% of the female students own this blazer in one of the colors. Aside from this grey one, I personally own a navy blue and black one in the same style. The reason why I love this blazer so much is due to the structure of it. As you can see it is very different than the one I talked about last week as it is made from a sleek wool-blend fabric that gives it its shape and has been tailored to fit relatively well. I love the medal buttons and the small details in the stitching that enhances this blazer. Many of you might already know how to find the right size when it comes to a blazer. For those who don’t or need to be enlightened, it is essential to purchase the right size especially if you are going to be investing into a great quality one. With sizes varying from store to store these days, please do not just grab a size “2” off the rack since that’s what you typically wear. Take the time to try it on, it’ll be worth it. (: A trick I always do for myself is to make sure that the seam where the sleeve is attached to the body, sits right on the edge of my shoulder.


One of my good friends and loyal e31. reader, Hannah, texted me after my post went up last week and asked if I could share what types of shirts or pants I would wear with each blazer. Her words were “sometimes I find that may shirt makes it look less sharp and more frumpy or same thing with pants”. Now don’t get me wrong, in no way do I consider myself to be a professional fashion consultant. In theory, all I can really do is share what works for me and hope that it inspires you to put your own personal tweak to it.

As I defined in my first post, a blazer is simply a suit jacket but without the matching set of pants. As such, if you don’t have pants or a skirt that is the exact same color, I would strongly advise not to try and wear a color that is “close” to the blazer, as it can come across as looking more “tacky” than professional. Alternatively, I would try and pair the blazer with a bottom that is clearly a different color, but one that obviously still matches. As you can see from some of my previous posts, if I have a colorful blazer, I typically keep it neutral on the bottom as seen in this outfit . Or if I have a neutral colored blazer, I allow myself to get somewhat creative on the bottom as seen here . When it comes to the style of shirt that I complete the outfit with, I tend to go according to the style and material of the blazer itself. For example, in today’s outfit, with the Exeter Blazer being very structured, I have also chosen a classic button-up dress shirt that is also structured in the sense that it is able to maintain its shape. However, in my first Blazer Series post , you can see that the more flowy, loose blouse matches the style of the Chevalier jacket that drapes nicely. Again, this is how I personally choose to style my outfits and in all honesty, most of the time its trial and error.


I hope I’ve semi-answered your question Hannah or made sense to you, the reader. If any of you have other questions or would like me to talk about a something specific, feel free to email me at There are no guarantees but I will always try and do my best to answer (:

Thanks for reading yet another e31. post. Until next time, work hard and be nice to people!

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