Collaborating with Adorn Part 2.

May has been the month of collaborations for e31. Aside from our exciting and ongoing collab with Adorn Boutique, e31. also had the opportunity to work with Erik, a Calgary based photographer, for the first time.

Photos by Erik McRitchie Photography.

[ FITDEETS | Blouse – Noa Noa. | Cropped Pants – Part Two. | Bag – Status Anxiety.  ]

DSC_6830 (2)

Kari and I picked out this outfit as I fell in love with the tones of the top and bottom combined, bringing forth a classy business casual outfit. The combination of the structured cropped pant with such a beautiful, flowy blouse brought together with matching heels and bag demonstrates an outfit I would wear on a normal spring or summer day in the office. If you hadn’t notice up to this point, I always look to put together outfits that are simple and harmonious and this outfit is no exception!

Having grown up in Calgary, I have been inspired by the young, energetic and entrepreneurial vibes of the city. The aspect of local businesses that intrigues me the most are the people behind them. When Erik approached e31. to collaborate, it was a no brainer as far as his impressive work goes. However, working with a brand new photographer is always a gamble as you never know how the interaction is going to be and whether it will be a good fit. I’ve learned that if one or both parties is not comfortable during the shoot, the photos are not going to turn out well- regardless of the quality of equipment or any degree of editing.

I’ve always been uncomfortable taking photos and the process is still something that I am becoming familiar with. I find that I am always self conscious during shoots- even when family and friends are capturing my photos however, I am learning to just have fun with them. Erik is my younger sister’s youth pastor and before our session together, I had met him very briefly. So truth be told, I was nervous going into the shoot with him.

During our session, Erik was the perfect blend of laid back and professional. Up until this shoot, Erik’s portfolio has mainly been composed of landscape photography with some portrait photography of families, weddings and engagement photos. Fashion shoots on the other hand were new territory for Erik. There was such a tremendous sense of ease while shooting as we were both experimenting at the same time. Erik would show us some of the photos during the shoot so that we could observe and learn from them which was extremely helpful.

Besides the fact that our shoot for Adorn was the most efficient one to date, having taken photos for five outfits combined in an hour and half, Jana and I could not stop marvelling about our experience with Erik on the way home. Both of us agreed that it was the most enjoyable process that we’ve had and we were both ecstatic to see how the rest of the photos would turn out.

DSC_6815 (1)


The best part about e31. and blogging about being content with your authentic self is that through this process, I, myself am learning. I think that most people will agree that we can be our own worst critic. Traditionally, as I look at photos of myself, my eyes go straight to the imperfections and flaws. However, I am training myself to start pointing out parts of each photo that I like first and accepting the fact that every photo is going to have some type of imperfection, and that is completely okay. Our imperfections is what makes us real and what makes Brina, Brina. So next time you see a picture of yourself, don’t be afraid to get excited about it and admire it. After all, you’re allowed to like a photo of yourself every once in a while (:

Erik shoots photography because of his love for it and no other reason. It is very clear that he is passionate about it and for this reason, I would highly recommend Erik to anyone looking for a photographer, no matter what the photos may be for.


Remember for all in-store purchases, Adorn is happy to give e31. readers 10% off your entire purchase. Simply show this post at the till or say that Brina and e31. sent you and the discount code is “E31SPRING”.

Adorn’s address is 1216a-9th Avenue SE (Inglewood) and their store hours are:

Monday – Wednesday: 11 – 5:30
Thursday: 11 – 7
Friday, Saturday: 11 – 5:30
Sunday: 11 – 4:30

You can also purchase select items online where you will receive 15% off your entire purchase when you enter the discount code “E31SPRING” at the checkout.

Thanks for reading yet another e31. post. Next Wednesday Jana will be featuring her second Adorn outfit for this collaboration series.

Until next time, work hard and be nice to people!

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