e31. Collaborator: Lindsay Brookes.

Brina’s Intro: While we entered business school in the same year, Lindsay and I really didn’t get the chance to know each other until the first semester of our 4th year. Lindsay and I both took IB 418: Doing Business in China, and we quickly bonded over the fact that we were both adopted from China. We laugh at how obvious it is from our height difference that Lindsay is clearly from the south of China, while I am from the North. Lindsay has a contagious personality to be around and has a great sense of humour. Lindsay is constantly thinking about others and how she can help connect people or improve the experience. I’ve been extremely fortunate to get to play on Lindsay’s soccer team at UVic this semester where she does a fantastic job of coordinating and communicating as the captain. Lindsay is always up for anything, which I love, and she also has a strong passion to be an advocate for minorities. Lindsay is constantly positive, always looking to help out wherever she can and gives back to her community quite a bit which inspires me to no end.

Lindsay Brookes.


I am a 23 year old student from southern China. Well, the latter part of that sentence is a bit of a stretch because I have lived all my life in Canada but was born in China. I am currently in my fifth year at the University of Victoria studying business. The first two years at UVic, I spent in the Faculty of Science. My current goal is to pursue law as an advocate for people with disabilities.

Enough of the school talk. I have a passion for volunteering, traveling, playing music and attempt to play soccer. I enjoy volunteering with people who have disabilities. The past five years, I’ve volunteered with CanAssist as a technology assistant for a lady who is non-verbal. We have become great friends. In addition to this, I enjoy playing soccer every week with kids who have disabilities. In regards to travel, my favourite countries I have explored thus far are France and Italy. I have over 10 years of experience playing the flute in concert bands, small groups and individually as well as 4 years of experience playing the alto sax in jazz and concert band. So basically, I am a band geek. I have also been the captain of UVic’s intramural rec soccer teams since 2012.

I am thrilled to get to work on e31. and am most excited about working with the four talented ladies this summer.

Favourite Quote: “Just can’t live in that negative way.. make way for the positive day.” – Bob Marley

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