e31. Collaborator: Meghan Casault.

Brina’s Intro: I was fortunate to be placed in the same cohort as Meghan both semesters of our 3rd year at UVic. While Meghan and I didn’t get the chance to know each other too much in first semester, we sure made up for it in the second semester and onward. I remember specifically, Meghan and I sat on the same bus as we drove up island to a conference in Parksville. It was then when I truly got to know Meghan and found out what an incredibly interesting, strong woman she is and her heart for non-profits and volunteering. In the first semester of our 4th year, Meghan and I had three out of five courses together, one being IB 418: Doing Business in China, in which we actually got to go to China this past December and the other being a marketing and communications course. Meghan has one of the hardest work ethics I know and she constantly amazes me by how much she is able to juggle at once. Meghan is the “mama hen” of the group and has such a great sense of humour as she “puts up” with our silly tendencies most of the time.

Meghan Casault.


I am super stoked to be a part of e31. as a collaborator, working with an amazing team of young women over the summer. I am 30 years young and am currently completing my last semester of my Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Victoria. I am also employed part time as an Account Coordinator with Eclipse Creative , working on branding and corporate strategies. In addition, I am providing marketing consultation to a couple local businesses over the summer, am a member of the Fund Development Committee for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Victoria and volunteer year round for Need2 Suicide Awareness and Prevention , speaking to youth about mental health and self care.

I am an extremely busy body that loves being involved with projects. In my spare time (ha), I am a singer songwriter and love to jam with friends. I make my own jewelry and help my friend with her jewelry business – Lost Arrow Adornement , I knit and love to tend to my vegetable garden. Although I am sounding a bit like a bohemian, my fashion style varies with my environment. I am excited to be working on e31. because of what it stands for – empowering young women. Every girl should feel the power to be successful as an individual and I look forward to helping the brand evolve over the next few

Favourite Quote: “The knack of flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.” Douglas Adams

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