Ellie Rock.

I’ll be honest – I was pretty nervous when Brina approached me to write this guest blog post. I’ve never considered myself to be particularly fashion forward, but given ethreeone.’s mandate of empowerment, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity.

[ FITDEETS |Blazer: Babaton by Aritzia. | Blouse: Banana Republic.| Trousers: Zara
Heels: Nine West | Belt: Jacob | Watch: Kate Spade New York ]


I am currently in the fourth year of my Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Victoria and will be graduating next August. Commerce was never my intended major; I spent the first year of my degree pursuing Science and Economics courses. I enjoyed my coursework (I’ve always been a bit of a math nerd), but couldn’t help but feel that something was missing: creative stimulation. With this in mind, I transferred into Commerce. The discipline better suits my dual interest in the quantitative and qualitative worlds and I couldn’t be happier that I made the switch.


When dressing for work and business functions, I personally tend towards classic pieces with modern updates. The outfit shown above is one of my all-time favourites, because it feels polished and current without compromising on comfort. In my opinion, the Zara trousers make the outfit because the pattern adds visual interest to an otherwise classic cut. I love this Babaton blazer’s structured fit, and the pop of white adds lightness to the ensemble. The heels from Nine West are a must-have, as they are surprisingly comfortable and give me both a literal lift as well as a boost of confidence.


I’m sure we all know the disappointment of coveting a specific piece of clothing, shopping for it, and despite hours of searching, returning home empty-handed. Being relatively petite, it can be tough for me to find business attire which is appropriate and form fitting. I have discovered a few ways to tackle this challenge: finding brands which cater to smaller frames (Zara, Banana Republic, Jacob, Club Monaco, and H&M are all great); tailoring and hemming; and, always keeping an eye out for staple pieces. Case in point, I purchased one of my favourite clothing items when I happened upon a Banana Republic outlet on Maui which had a great selection of petite apparel. I found a classic black trench coat which is business appropriate, fits me perfectly, and was a great deal. The take-away: allow yourself the opportunity to organically find great pieces rather than wait until you are forced to purchase something which isn’t exactly right.


I’ll sign off with one of my favourite quotes from Eleanor Roosevelt: “Do one thing every day that scares you.”

This quote resonates with me not because Mrs. Roosevelt and I share both a first name and initials (although that is a fun coincidence), but because the business world, and life after graduation in general, can be daunting. I think we all have days when we doubt ourselves and our abilities; it’s par for the course when pushing your own boundaries. However, by challenging myself to explore new areas (such as writing a certain blog post!), and sporting professional outfits which are true to my personality, I am confident that I can take on whatever my final year of university, and career, will throw my way.

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