Gaelle Madevon.

Rise and grind fellow e31. readers!

Today, I’ll share a piece of my story – not to inspire by any means, but to relate and perhaps connect with some of you.

[ FITDEETS | Tops- Le Chateau. | Bottoms- RW & Co. | Heels – Guess.| Jewelry – RW & Co., Silpada.]


If I had to give an elevator pitch, I would say that I am a Gustavson School of Business student, a marketing and PR enthusiast, a business management tutor. I am a Corporate Communications Specialist at Ledcor; I am an intern for Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneur – Kelsey Ramsden ; I am VP Academics on the a JDC West Organizing Committee . I am an entrepreneur and a bit of a go-getter. I am a twenty-two year old with dreams of reaching the C-Suite. I am also a surfer, a wine connoisseur, and a traveler; a citizen of France and of Canada. I am Gaëlle Madevon, and I am – and most proud to be – a woman in business.

To be honest with you, business was not always my dream destination. In fact, my high school understanding of what it meant to be in business was closely approximated by a 9-5 job in a dark cubicle. Being a doctor, however, was more easily romanticized and I spent my first year of university speeding my way towards med school. I suppose the idea of becoming a doctor had been comforting and practical but never had it been riveting. I realized I needed to be in a field that would excite me and scare me all at once. Business was exactly that.


Joining the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business was by far the best choice I could have made for myself. I entered a world full of like-minded people; teammates became friends, colleagues turned into prospect partners and co-op supervisors grew into mentors. This past year has been altering and revealing in many ways, but the constant in my life has been my obsession with loving what I do.


The fact is: business makes my heart race. It has me hustling and hardly looking at the clock because my days are just that stimulating. Business makes me excited about Mondays. Business enables me to surround myself with people that reflect who I want to be, people who pour their passion and ideas into projects.
Now, I am in no way a fashion guru (hence why I religiously follow this very blog); however, this is my piece of insight. When I put on my business clothes, I feel invincible, yet strangely at ease. There is something to say about the confidence that accompanies the straitening of the blazer, the adjusting of the high heels, and the firm grim on the briefcase before heading to work. It’s simple really – business wear gives me the best accessory a girl can get: self-assurance.

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On that note, I invite you all to be authentic, wear your passion and be unapologetically you. I am one who believes that what you wear has an effect on what you feel, and what you feel has an effect on who you are.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter – those who know me know that there is nothing I love more than networking!

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