He for She.

I’ve always been interested in menswear, especially as I discovered the tumblr world. It’s such an interesting topic that some people are really passionate about, and I’ve seen a lot of creativity from menswear bloggers.

Photos by Allison.

[ FITDEETS | skirt – Mango | shirt – Tommy Hilfiger | sweater – The Gap]

What attracted me most to menswear was the emphasis on fit, which I definitely believe in! The fit of your blazers, pants, shirts, etc. have such an impact on your overall look and comfort. This week, I borrowed from the boys and wore my baseball sweater overtop of a dress shirt for the ultimate mix of casual & officewear…it’s He for She.

Note: This is a pretty casual outfit, but my office is quite relaxed, so I feel comfortable wearing this at work. Please dress according to your own situation & use discretion.


This week, Emma Watson has been taking the internet by storm in launching the United Nations’ newest campaign, He for She. Feminism has really been a topic of debate since women began to exist, and yet only in recent times have we seen steps being taken towards eliminating the gender gap. By personal experience, I too have often found that the word “feminist” has come with negative connotation – that people think someone must be idealistic or naïve to be a “feminist”. This got me asking questions – why does the promotion of men and women being equal have a negative undertone? Why do I feel pressured and uncomfortable speaking about women’s rights with my friends?


On the flip side, it’s been very interesting to read other opinions regarding feminism (such as womenagainstfeminism), and consider the points that they’ve brought up. I’ve also met a lot of incredible young & old men who are just as passionate, if not more passionate, than I am about feminism (cc: Joseph Gordon Levitt…Who, admittedly, I have not met, but if anyone has his number please feel free to pass it on! They have been incredibly supportive of women over the world (and we thank you!).


Like any human rights issue, I believe feminism has to be supported from angles to truly succeed. It will not succeed on women’s efforts alone – it must be supported by both genders, in countries. He for She may seem like one small step, but its leverage and ability to spark conversation has turned the campaign into one giant leap for womenkind.

Brit SIgnature

Let us know what you think in the comments below! Haven’t seen Emma’s video yet? Here it is! Please visit He for She for more information about feminism & how you, no matter your gender, can speak up.

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