Helene Kobusinge.

Hello everyone! I was really honored when Brina asked if I could be a guest blogger for e31. I have known her for a few weeks now and I must say she has a big heart. Brina’s passion for empowering women makes her really stand out. I met Brina through the Living Hope Ministries where we were both volunteers. We quickly grew to be friends. Before Living Hope, I worked as an external auditor with Deloitte Uganda .


I was born and raised in Uganda, a beautiful country in Eastern Africa. I’ve always had a passion for healthcare which led me to the decision to pursue my MBA at Queen’s University in Kingston , Ontario (with a specialization in Healthcare Management). This decision was a huge leap of faith and I wouldn’t have gotten this far without the support I’ve received from my family and friends. I will start school in January 2016.

I dream of starting up a hospital where families can have access to quality healthcare at very affordable prices. In Uganda, many people lose family and friends because of lack of access to drugs and other medical facilities. In some of the big Ugandan public hospitals, such as Mulago, patients spend hours on the hospital floors without medical attention. Poor healthcare management is thus one area that is still a big problem in my home country and I pray I will be able to help change that.

I am wearing one of the blazers from the Blazers 4 Uganda campaign. I was the only one that could fit in this particular one so I guess being extra petite helped a lot, (haha!). I always find it hard to find clothes that fit me (tailors are usually my good friends), so it was such a pleasant surprise when this one fit. It made me realize that there are other women out there just like me and that put a huge smile on my face.

Helen 2

My style is usually quite simple. I always wear what I feel comfortable and decent in. I love black, white and blue so my closet is mostly full of these colors.

My advice to any professional woman would be never to think of herself as ‘not good enough’ because we all have so much potential within us…all it takes is taking a huge leap of faith and never giving up. Regarding style; whatever you’re comfortable with is probably the better choice, but don’t forget to consider the occasion you’re dressing up for.

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  • Grace Atuhairwe

    We love you and are proud of you

    • Helen Kobusinge

      Thank you Grace.

  • Nekjo

    You go gal!! Indeed in life when you see an opportunity you have to take a leap of faith and grab it!! I love the nails too!!

    • Helen Kobusinge

      Thank you Joan 🙂 The nails – me too. I loved that colour especially!

  • Aggrey Benard Muhumuza

    very proud of you dear

    • Helen Kobusinge

      It means alot to me dear, thanks 🙂

  • Gloria Nanfuka

    Yey! Go Hellen 🙂

    • Helen Kobusinge

      Thank you Gloria!