I Ain’t All Bad.

With this week being Canadian Thanksgiving, I’ve had the opportunity to really reflect on the immense richness I’ve been given. Great education, a supportive family, and comfortable lifestyle may seem like the basics, but to most of the world, are incredible dreams.  Education is really the foundation of any system, and too often we take it for granted.

Photos by Lauren.

 [ FITDEETS | dress – H&M | boots – Spring]


Also this week, I brought a little edge to my outfit. Sticking with my “out-the-door” mentality (unavoidable with my schedule!), I stuck to a simple shift dress and black ankle boots. As we transition to fall, I find a more “covered” foot to be more weather appropriate.


Recently, I was reminded of a TED talk I watched a while ago by Rita Pierson. She speaks on the importance of having a “champion”, and how teaching, and thus education, is all about relationships. Addressing a quiz mark out of 20, she states, “-18” sucks all the life out of you. “+2” said, “I ain’t all bad.” What if we took this approach in our everyday lives? Too often I find myself negatively criticizing the actions and appearances of others when I should be uplifting my peers. Especially between woman to woman.  Too often I find myself critiquing others without getting to know them, and that’s dangerous.


You can look great in the office, but what really makes people take you seriously is who YOU are, and how hard YOU work. As much as we want to look the part, remember that actions speak louder than words. Encourage action by being an everyday champion, and show people that no matter what you wear, or what’s happened in the past, “I ain’t all bad”, and neither is the next person.

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