Jennifer Saunders.

I am very honoured and excited to be featured as a guest blogger for Brina’s fantastic project, e31. I am 23, and have just graduated from the UVic Business program, specializing in Entrepreneurship . My last semester was a whirlwind of hard work, laughs, great team collaboration and I can honestly say that it was the most rewarding academic semester of my degree. Since school has finished, I have moved back to Calgary to start ‘real life’, no longer as a student!

Photos by Brina.

[ FITDEETS | Jacket – Periphery. | Dress – Free People. | Bag – Zara. | Booties – Jeffery Campbell . ]


“So what’s next?” I’m sure every student who is newly graduated has grown tiresome of this daunting question. (I know I have!) For me, what’s next is seeking out a position that is line with my goals, objectives and what I love to do. I am passionate about fashion, marketing and working in a fast paced, interactive environment. As such, finding a career that challenges me each and everyday, and allows me to grow professionally and creatively is the goal.


Let’s talk fashion! My outfit is business casual… although I would say my outfit is styled more towards an evening out. The newest addition to my wardrobe are the shoes: Jeffery Campbell booties. Jeffery Campbell makes such fun, creative shoes that make even the most simple outfit fashion forward.

When it comes to an outfit, I always think less is more. I am a big fan of simplicity as I am not a big colour person and tend to stick to more monochromatic tones (blacks, whites, greys). With a minimalistic outfit, it is always nice to add a little touch of flavour to spice it up. Here, I am talking about shoes, jewellery, handbags and other accessories. I tend to keep it to one ‘statement’ piece in an outfit to avoid overdoing it.

I would recommend when choosing an outfit to always incorporate your personality. Sticking to ‘on trend’ styles isn’t always the way to go; don’t wear certain clothes just because your friends are. Wear clothes that you love, look great in, and feel even better in!



To sign off here is a saying that I live life by. To give some background, during my entrepreneurship semester, my team’s venture was a ladies clothing boutique. When it came to describing our brand’s culture, we wanted something that said “be yourself, be authentic, be passionate and go after what you want”. We struggled to find a quote or a word that really resonated with what we were going after, so we settled on ‘you do you’.

I’m sure many you have heard this saying before, but the urban dictionary definition said it just.. too perfectly:

YOU DO YOU: “the act of doing the things that you normally do. Nothing more, nothing less. Just being yourself and showing everyone who’s boss around here.”

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