Real Job, Real Life.

The time has come for me to enter into the “real world” with a “real job.” It’s the place that everyone speaks of but of which you don’t know of until you are a part of the club. Well I am a new initiate of the club; specifically the club of corporate Calgary. This Wednesday will mark my official third day on the job, and there are a few key lessons I have learned thus far in my journey.

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1. Calgary transit is painful, as always. One of the criteria of my new house I just moved into was to be on the train line just in case…this happened. It is convenient to be in walking distance but I can’t say that I missed the sardine packed cars and the unreliability of it. Also transit passes are expensive.
2. It is important to like the people in your office. We have a small office, a downsize resulting from the oil prices and so we are packed into close quarters. Luckily I get to work with a fantastic group of people.
3. My wardrobe of “business casual” is not going to cut it downtown. There goes the dark jeans and tights with long sweaters. This is a suit town and I need to step up my game (look forward to my fabulous outfits).
4. The work grind cuts into my gym grind. Seriously a problem. I was getting used to an empty gym around 11 every morning. Not anymore; either I have to get up really really early or go after dinner with everyone else. Neither are appealing… Still working on the solution.
5. A grande Starbucks drink is no longer half an hour of work. Therefore I can drink without guilt. Definite bonus: Starbucks within 5 minute walking distance.
6. The need to stop doubting myself. It is easy to question why you were hired because of the overwhelming amount of information being thrown at you. Sometimes I have to stop and remind myself You is Kind, You is Smart, You is Important. Resumes are important and I am glad I put in the extra effort while I was in school to learn beyond school. I was told when I was hired that my skill set is low, but because I spent so much time learning about everything involved with my degree I had the intelligence and was hired based on my ability to learn and want to learn.
7. It really is who you know. Even if it’s not why you got the job (you have to take the interview) it could be the reason why you have the opportunity for the interview. Always network and make a good impression on people. You never know when you will run into them again.
The details: I was hired as the communications coordinator at BMIR, an investor relations firm. I am thrilled to be in a position that is related to my degree and in a company that I actually am excited to be a part of and to expand my knowledge.
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