Sancia Toth.

I am thrilled to be saying my first hello to all of you wonderful e31. readers. My name is Sancia Toth, and I am currently falling more in love with our YYC every day. Calgary has been my home for nearly seven years now, having moved here from Edinburgh, Scotland in 2008. Before spending four years in the UK, home was a tiny town in the middle of Saskatchewan (where big city Regina was my source of fashion inspiration). A few facts about me: I swear by my red lipstick, have experienced more cold food as the result of composing Instagrams than I would like to admit, require sufficient caffeination before 10AM, have incredibly itchy feet to explore our beautiful world, am growing out of my Babaton’s thanks to my increasing love for Crossfit, and ultimately thrive in situations that require me to create.

Fine Arts in Business

Photos by Mitchell of My Canvas Media.

[ FITDEETS | Coat – Babaton by Aritzia. | Dress – H&M. | Bracelet – Coutu Kitsch from The Livery Shop  |

Clutch – Aldo. | Necklace – Wanderlust. ]


Unlike most of the previous e31. guest bloggers who come from a business background, I graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama. I had every intention of pursuing a career in teaching, but during my third year I took both an entrepreneurship and a marketing course to fill option requirements, and I fell deeply in love. I was attracted to the market research, the budget spreadsheets, and the idea of creating something on my own. I began to kick myself for investing so much time and money in to a degree that I felt wouldn’t benefit my newly ignited passions. After slightly adjusting my five year plan in order to graduate more quickly, I began to curate what little marketing and entrepreneurship knowledge I had or could find in order to establish my newly founded photography business.

Despite my lack of a business degree, I began to recognize how crucial my arts education had been in my professional development. As most fine arts are, Drama education is often subjective. In university we were encouraged to take a small possibility, an idea or inspiration and play, mould, deconstruct, repair, expand, and finally narrow it back down to a successful result. This creative process became the core of my education, and began to surface in my work place as well. In my final year of school I resigned from my job as a project coordinator at a roofing company and in my exit interview my HR manager asked what I had enjoyed about my position. He also challenged me to pinpoint what had eventually killed my joy. I came to realize that I thrive best in situations where creation is required, and that my passion quickly fizzles out when maintenance is my only responsibility.

The Azuridge Estate Hotel is my current place of work. I am the Manager of Social Events and more often than not I am relying on this creative process to refine workflows, improve the results of administrative tasks, and contribute to marketing campaigns. To watch my arts eduction and corporate mindset compliment each other on a daily basis has been such an encouragement, and has absolutely fuelled some serious job love.

Although simplicity is reflected throughout my entire wardrobe, a red lipstick with an orange undertone is a necessity in my purse. The pop of colour provides an accent for an otherwise neutral outfit. Small bursts of texture, such as the snake skin pattern on my clutch, give depth to otherwise flat apparel while staying consistent with the colour palette of choice. And this season I have been appreciating sparkle more than I have typically ever been comfortable with. Accessorizing with a piece or two of tasteful bling can subtly upscale that little black dress.


To conclude my post today, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes by Theodore Roosevelt,

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”

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