Social Media Management + March Fashion.

Social media can be tricky to navigate when it comes to targeting specific market segments and building cohesive brands – especially if you’re a new business owner! In recent months, Calgary has seen a handful of new businesses bloom along with the continued growth of unique retail districts throughout the city. Although social media provides an excellent platform for businesses to communicate with customers, oftentimes it is difficult to transform likes, comments, and follows into meaningful relationships and actual sales. Below are a few key recommendations for businesses looking to enhance social media platforms and generate meaningful results!

Photos by Meagan Weatherby.

[ FITDEETS | Coat – Michael Kors. | Top – Purr. | Skirt – Zara. | Necklace – J.Crew.| Bag – Adorn. ]

Consistency – it is important to ensure cohesive branding and messaging across all webpages and social media accounts. Oftentimes, similar colors, texts, and communication styles create platform cohesion. Unified social media platforms ultimately differentiate a business (or blog) from competitors and increase brand recognition.

Engagement – social media platforms ought to invite followers to interact with businesses and share both opinions and criticisms. Consumer tastes and preferences often change and it is important that businesses try to understand customers on a more personal level in order to develop effective product and service offerings. Customers can be an excellent source of information and I recommend sending out a short survey or poll to ask your customers what they want to see from your business!

Analytics – there are a variety of websites available to help business owners schedule content, boost engagement, and analyze data. Hootsuite is one of my all time favorite social media management sites as it allows individuals to schedule posts and oversee conversations across multiple platforms. Additionally, Hootsuite provides business owners with enhanced analytics on unlimited social profiles. A few other social media management websites worth checking out include: Buffer , CrowdBooster , and SocialFlow .

Resources – there are so many great books and articles on effective social media management! I highly recommend taking a break from the digital world to flip through a book or magazine on the topic of social media marketing. For information on social media marketing and customer engagement strategies, check out: Marketing With Social Media, Influence Marketing , and Leave Your Mark .



A post on the topic of social media management stemmed from a stroll down 17th Avenue while snapping photos among colorful buildings. At ethreeone, we love exploring local business districts and are truly amazed by the entrepreneurial talent in this city! As winter begins to disappear in Calgary, I find myself clinging to dark colors and wool coats while I wait for the sunshine to arrive. During our photo shoot, I decided to pair a bright coral purse and gold necklace with my darker outfit in order to make things a little more colorful. If you have social media strategies you would like to share with us, feel free to get in touch and leave us a comment below. We love hearing from our readers!

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Jana is a senior Marketing and Psychology student at the University of Calgary with experience working in corporate and non-profit capacities. You can connect with Jana on LinkedIn or Instagram .

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