Staple Series: Classic Black Pencil Skirt.

Today’s post is a continuation of my “Staple Series”. As you are about to read the third instalment, my goal again for this series is to demonstrate that you can simplify your wardrobe by splitting it up into two categories: staples and non-staples.

Photos by Allison.

[ FITDEETS |Skirt: Le Chateau. | Dress Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger. | Cardigan: J.Crew. ]


Coming up with a new outfit every day can be a challenge and according to my grade five multiplication, you would need to come up with 260 new outfits per year (not taking holidays into account). However, with a basic set of staples, I have discovered that you can create multiple outfits by simply swapping and switching out certain pieces.



The black pencil skirt featured in this outfit is from Le Chateau. As I discussed with fall jackets a couple of weeks ago, basically every retailer is going to have their own version of a black pencil skirt. As for all staples, as tempting as it is to go for the super cheap skirts at Forever 21, I suggest paying a bit more since it is an item that will get extremely good wear- so you want something durable. My personal philosophy is always to pay a bit more for something once, rather than to keep on replacing it. I paid $50 for this skirt which I have definitely gotten my money’s worth. Still not super expensive, but not super cheap. The reason why I love this skirt is because no matter how many times I’ve worn it, it still fits me the same as the day I bought it. This is mainly due to the material it is made from (rayon and nylon) which helps it maintain its shape. Don’t mind my “mom” moment here, but the little black tight skirt that you may wear to go to a club or bar is not the same skirt that you can whip on on a rushed Monday morning to work, even if you wear black nylons under it. The difference is obviously length. For a girl with long legs like me, it is difficult to find skirts that will go past my knees. Instead, I always apply the finger tip rule: that is, if you stand up straight with arms at your side, does the skirt go past your middle finger? Another test I heard is, “would you be able to bend over in front of your grandmother in it?” Let’s remember to keep it classy and professional at all times in our work environment. ( :


The key when picking out a pencil skirt is that you want to purchase one that will not lose its shape and elasticity. Pencil skirts are meant to be tight to the skin and accentuate your curves, so you do not want to end up with a loose, stretched out one. For those who are not comfortable wearing a tight skirt, I will be featuring an alternative that may be a better fit in a few weeks. With something so plain and basic, you can really get away with wearing any business top. I’ve chosen to pair it with a favourite combination of mine: a dress shirt and cardigan.

Instead of leaving off with a quote, I wanted to share with you one of my all time favourite TED talks and frankly, one of the inspirations for starting this blog. Rachel did such an incredible job talking about Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In, in her post last week, that I do not feel like I need to cover it again. However, if you don’t have time to read her book anytime soon, I highly suggest that you watch her TED talk that pretty much gives you an overview and taste of her book. Take a moment, and be inspired. I promise you won’t regret it!

In my next post I will be taking a break from my “Staple Series” and will be starting a new one called the “Blazer Series” that I CANNOT wait to talk about!

Until next time, word hard and be nice to people!

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