Staple Series: Fall Jacket + Always #LikeAGirl Campaign.

Now that it’s been a little over two months since we’ve first launched, I hope you get the sense that ethreeone. is not your conventional fashion blog. During the month of September, we launched our “Today’s e31.” series where we featured incredible guest bloggers who have shared their professional career journey as well as some of their fashion choices. It’s been a wonderful start to the series thus far, but I am super excited to reveal who else we have lined up to blog! On a side note, we are always accepting new guest bloggers, so if you know anyone that you believe would be a great fit for ethreeone. or you yourself would like to be featured, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at and get the dialogue started! We love meeting and chatting with new friends (:

Let’s get on to today’s post with my continuation of “The Staple Series…”

Photos by Christie.

[ FITDEETS |Pants: Babaton by Aritzia. | Blouse: Propaganda by Plenty. | Jacket: Le Chateau. ]

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I have been eagerly waiting for fall so I could finally talk about “the perfect fall jacket”. I believe a fall coat should be a staple in everyone’s professional wardrobe as it should be an item that gets good wear. The jacket featured in my outfit today is personally my favorite style for a fall jacket. I’m not saying that it is the only type of professional jacket for fall, but I do think there needs to be a distinction between what you wear on your way to and from work versus what you would wear to go hiking, grocery shopping, etc. After all, you never know who you may run into on your commute to work, and wearing a professional jacket will assist you in making that lasting first impression! I think it’s a shame when I see a female or male dressed up in a killer work outfit and then cover it up with a MEC, sport style windbreaker or even worse, a casual sweater that is just an extra layer.


The jacket featured in this outfit is from Le Chateau. The trench-coat style is a very popular one that many retailers have their own version of. I’ve seen very similar styles at Banana Republic, Gap, Artizia, H & M, etc. and you probably have too. In my first Staple Series post, I mentioned that there are specific wardrobe items that in my personal opinion you can go cheap on, and then there are ones that I believe investing into is better. A seasonal outdoor jacket, such as a fall jacket, is something that I do believe you should invest into. It’s obviously up to you how much you want to spend- I personally spent around $100 on this jacket. Burberry is probably the most well known brand for trench coats, but as a full time student with low disposable income, it is not a brand that is realistic in my price range. However, that does not mean you should go to the opposite end of the spectrum, and spend the least amount of money on one that you can find. My only advice is that you don’t want to pay too little where the jacket ends up looking “cheap” and does not deliver on it’s functional purpose…that is, keep you warm.


There are many colors that trench coats will come in-especially when it comes to “tan”. I personally chose a darker shade so that I could get away with wearing it year round. Keep in mind that if you choose a lighter cream color that is almost off-white, it typically is suited for Spring/ Summer and not necessarily year round.


I’m not sure when the “Always #LikeAGirl” campaign by P & G started, but it happened to be one of the ads that popped up while I was on YouTube the other day. Some of you might have seen it, but for those of you who have not, I wanted to share this ad with you. One of the courses I’m taking this semester is Marketing and Communications. During this course, we have looked at several vehicles for communications and it seems that the common theme that makes marketing and communications effective, is if (1) it gets the point across and (2) is memorable- whether it makes you laugh, smile, cry, or disturbed. The amount of times I’ve seen a commercial and have been left confused about the message it is trying to convey or have changed the channel/pressed “skip ad” is beyond me. So from a marketing and communication’s standpoint alone, I can appreciate that this ad caught my attention enough in the first few seconds to continue watching. I personally love these “social experiment” style of commercials because it brings a sense of realism to it. The interesting thing is, and as sad as it may be, I would have done the same thing at first if they brought me in to film. Having played several sports growing up and learned the proper technique of how to run, kick, shoot, spike, and so forth, I still would have played it off as if I was this “ditsy” girl who had no idea what she was doing if they told me to do it “like a girl”. This ad spoke volumes to me as it shed light on how our society has become so oblivious and comfortable to certain phrases such as “like a girl” that even we ,as females, fail to recognize the negative connotation that is attached with it.

So just as one of the females in the ad mentioned, the next time someone tells you “you __________ like a girl”, look them right in the eyes and tell them proudly, “It’s because I AM a girl!” For all the males and females, let’s take it upon ourselves to call each other out and ask “what do you mean by that?” the next time someone uses that phrase. Chances are, the person saying it probably does not realize what they are encouraging.

As always, thanks for reading yet another ethreeone. post.

Until next time, work hard and be nice to people!

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