Staple Series: Video Lookbook.

To summarize everything that I’ve discussed in my Staple Series thus far, I thought it would be neat to put together a video to visually demonstrate what it means to have a wardrobe that is full of versatile pieces- staples! This video proves that when you buy smart, you only need a limited number of articles of clothing to construct numerous outfits: outfits in this case, particularly for the workplace. If you really wanted to get nerdy, think about computing permutations and combinations- order doesn’t necessarily matter for outfits though. (I did remember something from stats after all!)

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 12.35.42 PM

Before we get to the video, I wanted to share about my experience working with Jillian Tranquilla of Real Techniques Media. I first met Jill through our mutual friend, Donna, in January of this year. Jill had known about ethreeone. when it first launched and had been following it over the months. Thankfully, Jill being the extremely friendly and social person that she is, came and introduced herself to me. Jill and I hit it off instantaneously and discovered that despite her being a fine arts student (now graduate) and myself coming from a business background, we actually had quite a bit in common.

Jill told me about her site, that is essentially her online portfolio that links to her blog, YouTube channel, and other digital work. Having looked at some of her work, particularly her winter outfits video on YouTube, I was an instant fan and knew that I would love to work and collaborate with her.

Jill and I met for coffee a few weeks following where I proposed an idea for a video that I wanted to shoot for e31. It turned out that the video idea seemed to fit the criteria of a project Jill had to do for her sociology class, which was fantastic as we were both able to benefit from this fun project. After meeting a second time to plan out logistics, Jill and I shot this video at the infamous SAIT stairwell location in Calgary that a majority of e31.’s photos be taken at.



Right photo by Luc Wilson.

As I mentioned in my post a few weeks back, taking photos is something that I am still uncomfortable with but I am slowly learning to have fun with. Having said that, shooting a video put me even more out of my comfort level. The idea of “posing” and modeling clothes is not natural to me, however, I did my best and just tried to have fun with it- despite my completely bored look at 1:27 haha!

Shooting this video was long and not to mention cold as it was right in the middle of winter in Calgary. Having said all this, there is no one who I probably could have filmed this in front of besides Jill. Jill was so encouraging during the entire shoot (both days to mention) and despite all the takes I would have to do, Jill was so patient and pushed me through all 20 outfits! We also had a good laugh at all of my awkward foot choreography and learning how to strategically change outfits without anyone seeing.

Jill- if you are reading this, I just want to say a huge thank you for pushing me to experiment and do something out of my comfort level. You inspire me and I was able to learn so much from you which I am so thankful for.

In addition to videography, Jill does photography part time in the Calgary area. I highly recommend working with Jill as her comforting, fun nature yet professionalism makes the experience extremely enjoyable.

As mentioned, this video was shot back in February so most of these outfits are appropriate for winter. However, aside from the coat, the great attribute of neutral staples is that you can really wear them year round. So without further ado, here is our video collaboration demonstrating how to put a month’s worth of work outfits together from 10 articles of clothing and 2 pairs of shoes. Enjoy!

[ONE] Coat: Market in China
[TWO] Blazer: Talula
[THREE]Dress: Le Chateau
[FOUR] Cardigan: Zara
[FIVE] Blue Dress Shirt: Talula
[SIX] White Dress Shirt: Le Chateau
[SEVEN] Burgundy Blouse: Wilfred
[EIGHT] Grey Dress Pants: H&M
[NINE] Black Dress Pants:Express
[TEN] Skirt: H&M
[ELEVEN] Heels: Nine West
[TWELVE] Loafers: Michael Kors

I hope you enjoyed the this special post and hopefully another video collaboration with Jill will be in the future.

Until next time, work hard and be nice to people,

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