As I have been upgrading my professional wardrobe I am always on the lookout for inspiration. People watching downtown is great in general, but it is also excellent for finding fashion ideas. Pinterest also helps (my life would not be nearly as creative and unique if Pinterest didn’t exist); but where I get my main outfit inspiration is from Suits.

Photos by Meagan Weatherby Photography

[ FITDEETS | Blazer: H&M. | Top: Oak + Fort. | Skirt: H&M. | Shoes: Aldo. ]

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If anyone is a fan, you already know who I am talking about; for those of you who have been so unfortunate to not have watched the series yet, you need to do so right now. Rachel Zane is a paralegal in the office and she is dressed to perfection on the daily (Donna and Jessica also have great wardrobes, but Rachel’s is my favourite). Ms. Zane offers us a less boring take on office wear, especially in terms of pencil skirts. Most of her outfits consist of a pencil skirt and some type of blouse; I love the femininity of her outfits but still looking professional in a male-dominated profession.

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Another great part of the show is the other fantastic female characters. Yes, the show is based around Harvey and Mike, but Jessica, Rachel, and Donna are other major characters whom give women a voice and provide strong characters to the story. Jessica is the co-partner of the law firm (Pearson-Darby) and she is also African American. She is strong, and has the backbone to stand with the men and run her own firm. Donna is Harvey’s secretary but is one of the best personalities on the show. She isn’t the passive assistant that is the cliché but the no-bullshit type of woman we need to see more of. There are flaws within the plot in regards to gender roles, but it brings to light how real discrimination is within the workplace and how much harder women must work to get past the limitations.


2Rachel (29 of 9)

My outfit here is Rachel-inspired; which means I now own multiple pencil skirts and button down shirts. I actually don’t often where the jacket and the skirt together because it can feel a bit too professional and matchy-matchy so I will pair it with a black blazer or just wear the shirt on its own. The pop of color in the shoes helps make the grey outfit fun, and look extra feminine. You could also wear tights if you want to feel less exposed.

2Rachel (30 of 9)

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