Suman Hoonjan.

My name is Suman Hoonjan, I’m 24, and I work for the Legislative Assembly of Alberta as Constituency Assistant to Honorable Manmeet S. Bhullar, MLA for Calgary-Greenway and Minister of Infrastructure. I’m based out of the Calgary-Greenway Constituency office. Coordinating professional outfits everyday can be tough, especially when you run out of new clothes. But I get my outfit inspiration from Pinterest and Suits and find affordable alternatives.

[ FITDEETS | Blazer: H&M. | Top: H&M. | Pants: H&M. | Boots: Spring. ]


My job is two fold:

1.Administrative: acting as MLA Bhullar’s assistant I manage his Schedualing, Events, Meetings.
2.Case work: We handle any concerns related to the provincial government from Calgary-Greenway residents (Calgary-Greenway is made up of 5 communities in East Calgary).

We regularly have walk-ins and hold meetings in our office so I typically dress business casual for work. H&M is definitely my go-to place to shop. They have good quality pieces that are affordable. The shirt and blazer I bought together as a pair because of the navy blue color; its always easy to look put together when pieces are color coordinated. I like getting dark colors for work because they tend to be more professional, that’s one reason I got the shirt because it was dark but had a nice print with other colors that brightened it up. The pants I bought at the H&M in England as part of their spring collection; they are similar to the ones Zara sells but are a bit cheaper but still just as chic.

Accessories are a must for me, I think they pull the outfits together. I love big, chunky necklaces; they can take casual outfits and help make them feel and look fancier. Boots are great because we need them in Calgary, but they can still be worn in professional outfits, you just have to remember to clean the salt off of them!


“Don’t ask your self what the world needs, ask your self what makes you come alive, and go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” – Howard Thruman

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