The Basics.

I am hardly an experienced businessperson, but seeing other women empower themselves to positions of leadership has always motivated me and helped me dream. There was always something about Marissa Mayer, or Oprah, or, most especially, Beyoncé that intrigued me. I’ve even looked up to Kim Kardashian (hey, her game is expected to gross about $200 million by next summer). As I continued to research, I discovered one thing in common with successful females – they never did it alone.

Photos by Allison.

It starts with the basics – a strong system of support.

[ FIT DEETS | blazer – mango | tee – madewell | belt – the gap | skirt – mango | watch – olivia burton]




Brina and I were old acquaintances from years ago, and to be honest, weren’t great at keeping in touch. When one day we reconnected and she approached me about what became ethreeone., I was so excited about the opportunity to combine my passions of empowerment and fashion into one big project.

Through the next couple of weeks, I’ll be outlining how I like to use my basic pieces to create outfits. As the type of girl that loves her sleep, I like to have a very versatile wardrobe so I can put together an outfit and be out the door.

I cannot wait to hear from you as e31. grows. Reach out to us – shoot us fashion questions, ask us about our hobbies. We want to hear from you and build a relationship with every one of you. As young women growing up in a modern world, we aim to empower other women, of ages, through fashion. We hope that e31. encourages others to be women of integrity, power, and motivation, and that we become a network for each other.


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