Meaning Behind the Name.

What sets ethreeone. apart from all the other fashion blogs, aside from it solely being specialized in women’s business apparel, is our “why” behind it. That is, why do we exist? We exist to EMPOWER women in the professional world—hence the “e” in our name. The word “empower” literally means, “giving someone the authority/power to do something” and that “something” for us, is to pursue a professional career. We strongly believe that through a woman’s outfit, this empowerment can take place. Part of how we empower women is by helping them (1) LOOK the part, (2) FEEL the part, so that they can confidently (3) BE the part. This explains the “three”. Finally, we at ethreeone. are all about encouraging authenticity. There is only “one” of you and we want to celebrate that! We are all beautiful and unique and that is something to be fully embraced.

An ethreeone. Woman.

1. An ethreeone. woman is Fashion Forward.
At ethreeone., being fashion forward is not about what brands you wear, how much money was spent on each item, or how many people have the same outfit as you. Rather, being fashion forward is all about being innovative when it comes to putting together outfits and challenging the status quo. Someone who is fashion forward creates and develops groundbreaking styles by having an eye of putting together pieces that no one else would dare to. Fashion is a way of expressing yourself. At the end of the day, a fashion forward person has unapologetic taste and vision.

2. An ethreeone. woman is Business Minded.
At ethreeone. we like to define being business minded as constantly being aware of possible business opportunities and knowing when to capitalize on them. This includes knowing who to get connected with, when to do it, being aware of potential risks involved and how to address them accordingly. Being business minded is not a state of mind, but rather a way of living life that provides excitement, challenge, and growth.

3. An ethreeone. woman is Passionate.
At the end of the day, why do it if you are not passionate about it? Simon Sinek states, “Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion.” Passion provides that unexplainable fuel towards motivation and progress, which eventually leads to results. Without passion, very little progress can be made. An ethreeone. woman is dedicated and passionate about everything she does.

4. An ethreeone. woman is Goal Orientated.
An ethreeone. woman does not settle when it comes to anything. She is always thinking about the future, making plans, keeps her mind set, and is determined to achieve her goals regardless of any barrier that may come her way. She is resilient and relentless!

5. An ethreeone. woman is Authentic.
At ethreeone. we are all about encouraging authenticity and striving to be the best version of ourselves. An ethreeone. woman is not looking to imitate or follow someone else, but rather gives herself the opportunity to grow and develop herself independently. She is genuine and real and is proud to be so.