The Staple Series: Dress Pants.

Now that everyone is back in school, I hope the new school year or semester has started off with a bang. To of my business friends on exchange, I am living vicariously through your photos and am not jealous at … well maybe just a bit. Let’s jump right in to today’s post!

The way I describe a “staple” in a fashion context is an article of clothing that is a must have! That is, something that is versatile and that you’re sure to get good use of. Over my next few posts, I will share with you items in my business apparel wardrobe that I consider to be a staple. I am super excited to kick off this series with today’s ‘fit!

Photos by Christie.

[ FITDEETS | Blazer & Dress Shirt: Jacob. |Pants: H&M. ]

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Growing up, I always had the impression that dress pants were for “older” ladies. I suppose that is due to the fact that the only women I would really see wear them was my mom for her teaching job. (Sorry mom aka Mrs. Martens!) It was when I got my first “big girl” job in high school as a receptionist, where I actually had to crack down and buy my first pair of dress pants. I then learnt that there was a sense of professionalism and maturity that came with wearing the pants. I wasn’t just this young punk walking in on day one in a pair of jean, but rather, wearing dress pants showed my employer that I took the job seriously. It was important to present myself very professionally as I sat at the front desk and was typically the first person a client or realtor would see as they walked in.

It may seem obvious what dress pants are, but girls, it’s time for some real talk. Let us explore what dress pants are NOT:
• Leggings or Lulu’s
• Dark denim that practically looks black
• Khakis
• Chords
• You get the idea..

Dress pants are designed to be worn in a formal or semi-formal setting so that is something to keep in mind.

H&M is usually my go to store when it comes to dress pants. You can find classic, professional styles without having to pay a ridiculous amount. I personally do not own that many. If you can get a black pair as well as some shade of grey, you’re set! As you can see in the picture, if you keep your bottom simple, you can be more adventurous on top. Can we just take a minute to admire this baby blue blazer from Jacob! I love how it pinches nicely in the mid frame area even when it’s left unbuttoned!

Over the years, I have gotten such good use out of my dress pants. Especially during the winter time (which is 10 months of the year if you’re from a place like Calgary), when it is way too cold for bare legs or even nylons, dress pants are a must.

In weeks to come, I will also share my personal opinion on what you shouldn’t go “cheap” on and what you can get away with. Dress pants are something that I don’t spend a lot on (typically between $20-$30) expect for special cases such as Babaton’s Cohen pants that I can’t wait to talk about!

I’m going to start this new thing where instead of ending awkwardly because I’ve ran out of relevant things to talk about, I’m going to leave on a quote. And no, they aren’t going to be on of those cheesy, cliché sounding quotes such as “live your life” or “you only live once” otherwise know as “YOLO”. Hopefully they will be words that are impactful!

“When you are your authentic self, you have no competition” – Scott Stratten

Until next time, work hard and be nice to people!

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